About us

Love cars, bikes, motorsport and everything automotive? So do we!

Love cars, bikes, motorsport and everything automotive? So do we!

Our aim is to help spectators and participants find information about their favourite automotive events quickly and easily, so you'll never miss an event again. We also want to help car clubs, motorcycle clubs and automotive event promoters gain further awareness and increased participation across New Zealand.

KiwiMotoring.com is free to join, and it's free to view and list events, clubs and venues of all kinds, such as car club events, circuit racing, drag racing, drifting, hillclimbs, karting, motorbikes, rallying, shows, speedway, swap meets and more! You can browse and search events based on location, time and event type to find useful and reliable information that is relevant and interesting. You’ll easily find the information you need to spectate or participate, and you can invite your friends, as well as see who else is going.

We also sell a range of die-cast models, automotive tools, and other products relating to our love of motoring and motorsport. Check out our current products for sale on Trade Me, and all questions and comments are welcome through our Contact Us page.


Brent ShawBrent Shaw, creator of KiwiMotoring

This website is dedicated to my lifelong passion for cars, bikes, motorsport and everything automotive. Please check out the KiwiMotoring blog for news and updates relating to KiwiMotoring, as well as my personal car build ups and involvement in motoring events, as both a spectator and participant.

Thank you for supporting KiwiMotoring, and please feel free to email me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.