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Posted 30 Apr 2014, 4:27pm by Brent Shaw with 0 comments

Event > 46th Annual New Zealand Drag Racing Nationals at Taupo Thunder Dragway (Part 1)

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The 46th New Zealand Drag Racing Nationals were meant to be held at Taupo Thunder Dragway on the Sunday the 20th of April, but unfortunately the event was postponed due to the bad weather that most of the country received that weekend. Thankfully, the 6th and final round of the New Zealand National Championship Series was able to proceed the next day on Easter Monday, allowing a full field of cars and racers to take advantage of mostly clear skies and a dry track...

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Video > 60 Car Badges in 60 Seconds: Can You Name Them All?

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Here's a cool little video featuring 60 car manufacturer logos in just over 60 seconds. Many of them are still obvious despite having the wording removed from the badges, but there are some pretty obscure ones in there too. Can you name them all? I counted 47 in my first go - or perhaps it was 37? It's not easy keeping up!

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Event > Beach Hop 14

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The 14th annual Sony Beach Hop event was held once again at the beachside town of Whangamata from the 26th-30th of March. This was our 4th trip to the Hop, and I'd have to say it was my favourite so far. We arrived just before sunset on the Friday evening, after travelling at a leisurely pace from Hamilton and stopping off at Paeroa for some fish and chips on the way...

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