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Posted 25 Aug 2014, 1:58pm by Brent Shaw with 0 comments

Video > Redline Episode 1 - Battle of Motorsport

Tags: videos, redline, ketzal sterling, achilles radial, time attack, circuit racing, pukekohe park raceway, brent shaw

In our final 'retrospective' blog posts about the new Redline video series - here's episode 1, which presents the Achilles Radial Battle of Motorsport in Ketzal Sterling's typically humorous style. In this episode, the team at Redline have put together 7 different forms of motorsport with some of the nation's top competitors to represent their category in a time attack battle around Pukekohe Park Raceway...

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Video > Smoke and Fire - Drifting with Fanga Dan

Tags: videos, redline, ketzal sterling, fanga dan, drifting, d1nz, hampton downs, brent shaw

As mentioned a few days ago, Ketzal Sterling is back with a new online series called Redline, which brings us high octane automotive video entertainment from around New Zealand. In this episode, Ketzal goes behind the scenes with D1NZ drifter Fanga Dan at the first round of the 2013/2014 series at Hampton Downs back in November of last year. Fanga Dan went on to become the 2013 series champion, and is aiming to do the same again in his new VE Commodore for the upcoming 2014 D1NZ National Drifting Championship series that begins in October...

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Competition > KiwiMotoring Sticker Winner

Tags: competions, kiwimotoring, stickers, peter waters, brent shaw

Last month I ran a competition in our monthly email newsletter for all of those folks who received a free KiwiMotoring sticker from the previous month's giveaway, with the prize being a $75 voucher to spend on anything in the KiwiMotoring online store. And the winner is...

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Video > Sainsbury Road Hillclimb

Tags: videos, sainsbury road, hillclimbs, fiat club waikato, waikato, redline, ketzal sterling, brent shaw

Rememeber that Ketzal Sterling fella from the New Zealand-produced High Octane videos back in the early 2000s? Well, he's back with a new series called Redline, and he made an appearance at the Sainsbury Road Hillclimb that Jarred Wilson and I covered recently...

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Event > Sainsbury Road Hillclimb

Tags: events, sainsbury road, hillclimbs, fiat club waikato, waikato, jarred wilson, brent shaw

The Fiat Club Waikato held their annual Sainsbury Road Hillclimb on Sunday the 10th of August - but don't be too quick to assume that this was a 'Fiat only' event. In fact, there were 11 different makes of cars represented, with competitors coming from 9 different car clubs in the Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Auckland regions. I was unable to compete since my car is out of action while I prepare it for the upcoming race season, so I volunteered as a marshall, which also gave me a chance to snap a few pics while I was at it...

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Event > Phil Campbell Takes Maiden Win On Home Rally

Tags: events, rallying, tauranga clubmans rally, phil campbell, wayne cockburn, brent shaw

Phil Campbell has taken his maiden rally win on his home event after a hard fought battle in the Tauranga Clubmans Rally, held in July in and around TECT Park, Tauranga...

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Video > VW’s ‘The People’s Film’

Tags: videos, the people's film, vw, volkswagen, advertising, brent shaw

I don't watch a huge amount of television, but I spotted this cool advertisement from Volkswagen New Zealand and thought it was worth sharing. The footage was supplied by VW fans from all over New Zealand, and features proud owners driving their early Beetles, Kombis and Karmann Ghias, as well as late model vehicles like the Amarok, Tiguan and Golf. I recognised a few cars from various shows and motoring events that I've been to, and I imagine it would have been a real buzz for the owners to spot their pride and joy on nationwide telly. There's even a list of the owners and their cars on the VW website...

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