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Car Build > MIT Honda Civic – A Plan is Formed

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Upon arriving back in New Zealand from my brief trip to Japan for the Tokyo Motor Show, I stopped off at the School of Automotive and Vehicle Technology in Pukekohe again to talk to Alan Clarke about what I had been thinking about since I saw him last.

It was then that I also met Trevor Hennessy, who is a Programme Leader at the Manukau Institute of Technology. I told Alan and Trevor how I had always wanted an EG Honda Civic, and that I thought this would be a great opportunity for us to promote KiwiMotoring and the School of Automotive and Vehicle Technology together. So a plan was finalised, and it was decided that we would track the progess of the 2012 course and promote it through KiwiMotoring, and I would end up with a nice little Honda Civic race car at the end of the year. Win win!

MIT Honda Civic
Half a dozen de-registered cars kindly donated by Strong for Honda were already sitting in the workshop, ready for the 2012 course. Strong for Honda are largest supplier of used Honda car parts in New Zealand, and have been a greater supporter of the Certificate in Motorsport (Level 2) programme.


MIT Honda Civic
After checking out each of the doner cars, I decided that this little red number was going to be my project vehicle.


MIT Honda Civic
This particular car is an EG5 Civic, powered by a DOHC non-VTEC injected 1500cc engine, with a manual gearbox.


MIT Honda Civic
The interior was looking a little worse for wear, but that's ok - it's all got to come out anyway.

So this is the beginning of the KiwiMotoring/MIT Honda Civic car build project. Stay tuned, as we will be providing updates on a regular basis as we follow the course throughout the year.

- Brent Shaw