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Car Spotlight > Pikes Peak International Hill Climb RX-7

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Last week we featured a video of the 1988 Ashley Forest Rally Sprint which included Rod Millen's record breaking 13B turbo 4WD Mazda RX-7. Following on from that, Speedhunters New Zealand Editor Brad Lord has recently had the chance to check out the other 4WD FC Mazda RX-7 that Rod built and raced.

Millen first used this car at the 1987 Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, but it took a few years of development before he won the Open class in 1991 and smashed the previously held record at the same time in the 3 rotor 20B turbo powered car.

The car was then purchased by Japanese tuner Isami Amemiya and sent to Japan, where it received a few mechanical and cosmetic changes before it ended up sitting outside in a deteriorating state for a long period of time. Eventually, well known New Zealand Rotary Power owner and engine tuner Glenn Munro tracked the car down and brought it back to New Zealand. In 2010 Glenn sadly passed away, but his son Grant now runs the business (under the original 'Rotorsport' name), and is restoring this historically significant vehicle back to its former glory. 

To see more about the build progress of the ex-Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, check out the Speedhunters blog post here.


Photo Credit: Munro Family Collection (’87 Pikes Peak images)

- Brent Shaw