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Event > 2011 VW Nationals Revisited (Part 3)

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With the 2012 VW Nationals less than 3 weeks away now, we've added one last lot of photos from last years event to our 2011 VW Nationals Facebook photo album.

Here's a small selection of photos from the album:

2011 VW Nationals
Beautifully restored oval window beetle, complete with period accessories.


2011 VW Nationals
It's not often that you see VW pickups, let alone one that is this tidy.


2011 VW Nationals
I love how the look of a Beetle can be transformed by simply dropping it to the ground.

2011 VW Nationals
This VW Caddy looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor.

2011 VW Nationals
Some owners choose to go with the traditional look when restoring their Kombis...

2011 VW Nationals
...while others go with a more modern approach. Which do you prefer?

We had planned on heading down to Dunedin to go to the event over Easter, but unfortunately client deadlines mean that I will be missing out this year. Oh well - there's always the 2013 VW Nationals in New Plymouth! Check out the rest of our pics here.

- Brent Shaw