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Event > Beach Hop 2012 - Friday Night

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After finally getting to Beach Hop last year for the first time and thoroughly enjoying ourselves (despite the bad weather), we made sure that it was on our list of things to do again this year.


Beach Hop 2012
Our adventure started on Friday evening as we headed to Whangamata, and as we entered the popular surf town we were greeted by streets full of classic American cars and a sea of smiling faces as they rumbled past.


Beach Hop 2012
Once again we had a perfect campsite just one street away from the main strip, thanks to our friends Sue and Chris, so we set up our tent as quickly as we could, and headed out for a look.


Beach Hop 2012
The atmosphere on the streets was amazing, and everyone was out to have fun!


Beach Hop 2012
Can you guess what vehicle this is?


Beach Hop 2012
Knowing that I was going to get plenty of time to take photos on Saturday and Sunday, I didn't take a huge number of shots on the Friday. This photo of a 1959 Cadillac Eldorado with a cheeky number plate was my favourite of the night though.


Stay tuned for (lots) more photos from throughout the weekend!

- Brent Shaw



  • RikkiBloemsaat April 3, 2012

    Nice shots Brent!
    Is the second to last one the old Bedford ‘bang’ Bus?
    I think the plate was [T BAGN] or something?

  • Brent April 3, 2012

    Thanks Rikki! The ‘Bang Bus’ was at Beach Hop, but the photo above is of a different bus. I’ll have some more photos up soon smile

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