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Event > Beach Hop 2012 - Saturday Night Cruise

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There was plenty more action on Saturday night at Beach Hop, as cars continued to fill the streets of Whangamata and rock and roll music was played live at various spots in town.


Beach Hop 2012
These guys from Tauranga were sorted for the night with their road legal motorised couch, complete with headlights, tail lights, transistor radio and reading lamp!


Beach Hop 2012
Earlier on Saturday evening, we got chatting to Scott Saunders - the proud owner of this 1972 Datsun 1200 sedan with only 77,000 miles on the clock. 20 year old Scott has owned the Datsun for 6 years now, and plans to keep it as original as possible. Since we had no appropriate Beach Hop-style vehicle of our own to cruise in, Scott said that he would take us out for a drive later that night. I think the 'GC' on the number plate was quite fitting, if you catch my drift?


Beach Hop 2012
It may not be American or from the 50s/60s, but the response from spectators watching from the side of the road was friendly and positive. Many people asked, but the answer is - no, it's not for sale!


Beach Hop 2012
Once again the streets were packed with cars...


Beach Hop 2012 well as people who found themselves a comfortable position so they could watch the entertainment from the side of the road.


Beach Hop 2012
I tried to give this shot from the back seat of the Datsun a bit of a nostalgic look, but it doesn't really work when there's an 'Email' sign in the street, does it?


We'll wrap up our coverage of Beach Hop 2012 with one last post featuring Sunday's Nostalgia Fair & Car Show.

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- Brent Shaw