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News and Updates > KiwiMotoring Events, Clubs and Venues Listings have a New Feature

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Did you know that you can list motorsport events, clubs and venues for free if you are registered with KiwiMotoring? It's a simple 2.5 step process that only takes a few minutes, but we wanted to make it even easier for car and motorcycle clubs and event promoters around New Zealand to gain extra exposure and more participation at their events.

You've always been able to have a nice selection of up to 20 images in your listing with our nifty scrolling gallery. But now the images are automatically scaled down to the ideal size, while keeping the original proportions of your image. You can also click on the images to view them at their original size. No more manual resizing or cropping of images!

It might only be a small refinement, but we think every little improvement helps. Click here to list an event yourself. If your car or motorcycle club isn't listed yet, you can do it here. And if you have a venue that holds regular motoring or motorsport events, click here to add it to KiwiMotoring.

- Brent Shaw