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News and Updates - KiwiMotoring is now

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Big news here at KiwiMotoring - we've launched a completely new website!

Due to the large proportion of international traffic we were getting and the limitations of the current website's features, we decided to build a new one from scratch. is quicker, easier, and will have far more content on it since it's now an international motoring events guide.

Jump across to the new site by clicking the link above. Make sure you sign up to check out all the features that are available for members (it's free to join), and to keep up to date with the new features that we are rolling out over the coming weeks.

Thanks for being a part of KiwiMotoring, and here's to a bigger, brighter future!


  • fordallan August 19, 2017

    Hi Brent,
    Can you please make contact with me Allan Powell - Huntly Speedway about our events calendar which is now available and can go up on your new website for the coming season which starts off on Saturday 4th November 2017

  • Segwaycal November 3, 2017

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  • Georgenurne December 23, 2017

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