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We've just sent out our 2nd ever email newsletter, and I'm pleased to say that there is going to be a regular monthly contribution from now on. The newsletter includes details about upcoming motoring events of all kinds, as well as venue and club information from around New Zealand.

It also serves as a reminder for you to check out our photos and event coverage on the KiwiMotoring blog and Facebook page. If you're not on our email database and you want to keep up to date with upcoming motoring events, as well as competitions and giveaways... - sign up here and we'll send you a FREE sticker!

Click here to sign up to the KiwiMotoring monthly email newsletter.

- Brent Shaw


  • AllenTaranaki22 March 23, 2015

    With the affordability of 3d printers now days, could you use a 3D-printer and a 3D-scanner to replicate hard to find plastic parts like say…. Tail lights, interior trim parts, plastic bushes etc.

    Would this be a consideration for club members or clubs when parts are rare or obsolete.

    Would clubs consider pooling some money to buy such a setup for the club members to use when unable to find rare parts for their old girls (meaning their cars, not their old girls).
    Also why not print parts in custom colours! to suit your interior etc.

    Regards Allen Davis (Taranaki)

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