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Car Spotlight > Mazda Pro7 Racing RX-8 Club Car Available For Lease

Tags: car spotlights, mazda, rx8, mazda pro7 racing, nimrra, rx7, brent shaw

Over the winter months, a group of dedicated NIMRRA club members worked together to build an RX-8 race car to suit the new class that has been introduced to the Mazda Pro7 Racing series...

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Car Spotlight > Rhys Millen’s Group B RX-7 on Speedhunters

Tags: car spotlights, rhys millen, mazda, rx7, rallying, silver fern rally, wrc, speedhunters, brad lord, brent shaw

California-based Kiwi-born Rhys Millen is currently racing in the Epay NZ Silver Fern Rally that finishes in Hamilton this weekend. The car that Rhys is competing in is a very special ex-Works Mazda Rally Team Europe (MRT) 1984 RX-7 Group B rally car that was originally built in Belgium...

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Car Spotlight > 1973 Porsche 911 Rally Car

Tags: car spotlights, porsche, 911, rallying, andrew hugill, brent shaw

I received an email recently from Hamilton-based Andrew Hugill, who is currently restoring this 1973 Porsche 911 from the ground up. As you can see by these photos, it is a very extensive and detailed restoration project...

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Car Spotlight > Pikes Peak International Hill Climb RX-7

Tags: car spotlights, pikes peak international hill climb, hillclimbs, mazda, rx7, rod millen, speedhunters, glenn munro, grant munro, rotorsport, brent shaw

Last week we featured a video of the 1988 Ashley Forest Rally Sprint which included Rod Millen's record breaking 13B turbo 4WD Mazda RX-7. Following on from that, Speedhunters New Zealand Editor Brad Lord has recently had the chance to check out the other 4WD FC Mazda RX-7 that Rod built and raced...

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Car Spotlight > Das Speedster VW Beetle

Tags: car spotlights, vw, beetle, das speedster, stanceworks, brent shaw

I've just come across this very interesting and highly customised Beetle called 'Das Speedster' on Stanceworks. The fabrication, engine choice and final result compared to what it started out as is quite jaw dropping...

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