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Event > All Ford Day 2013

Tags: events, all ford day, ford, mustang, shelby, cobra, falcon, anglia, escort, ford muscle car club, brent shaw

You may have noticed that the KiwiMotoring blog has been a bit quiet lately, as I have been flat out trying to manage the large number of upcoming events that are being listed, while fulfilling orders from the online store, competing in Rounds 3, 4 and 5 of the Mazda Pro7 Racing Series, and trying to keep up with 'peak season' of my design and marketing business... the list goes on. Concerned that my eyes were beginning to turn square from sitting in front of a computer screen day-and-night, we decided to have a nice relaxing weekend away, camping at the base of Mount Maunganui...

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Video > Silver Fern Rally Action from the Early 90s

Tags: videos, silver fern rally, rallying, holden, monaro, dave mcmillan, alec doig, trevor crowe, scoda, ford, escort, brent shaw

I love these old VHS videos that people upload to YouTube. The quality of the footage is pretty rough, but I think that adds to the nostalgia of seeing motorsport action from a pre-digital era...

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Video >  Widened Steels - Episode 2: Datsuns Of The ShellSport Series

Tags: videos, circuit racing, baypark, shellsport, datsun, ford, escort, dominic mcgurk, brent shaw

I'm a bit too young to remember the ShellSport Series from the late 70's and early 80's in great detail, but I have vague recollections of seeing these cars at the original Baypark circuit as a child. Sub-2,000cc cars like the Ford Escorts and Nissan Sunnys from this era had a big influence on me around the time I was looking for my first car as a teenager around a decade later, and this video documentary by Dominic McGurk looks at the successes of the Datsuns in particular.

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Photos > Ford Escort Rollover at Daybreaker Rally 2012

Tags: photos, rallying, daybreaker rally, rally xtreme, ford, escort, motordrive photography, craig howser panel & performance, brent shaw

Check out these great photos of a Nissan FJ20 powered Ford Escort getting into a little bit of trouble at Round 3 of the Rally Xtreme challenge series this past weekend...

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Video > Onboard Hayden Paddon’s RS1800 BDA at the Rally Otago 2012

Tags: videos, rallying, hayden paddon, ford, escort, rs1800, rally of otago, brent shaw

Here's a great in-car video Hayden Paddon and co-driver John Kennard driving the Stadium Cars Ford Escort BDA RS1800 during SS15 of the 2012 Rally of Otago. With a 90 second lead on day two, Paddon was looking to take a victory in the Stadium Cars / Nichibo International Classic Rally of Otago...

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Photo > Bill McEwan’s Ford Escort

Tags: brent shaw, ford, bill mcewan, photos, escort

I was having a look at the website of Craig Howser Panel & Performance, and came across this great pic of Bill McEwan's freshly repainted Mark I Ford Escort...

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Video > Ford Escort MK I RS2000

Tags: videos, ford, escort, hillclimbs

Check out this insane Ford Escort MK I RS2000 competing in a hillclimb event in Germany. Turn the sound up and listen to that 16V engine scream!

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