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Video > Sainsbury Road Hillclimb

Tags: videos, sainsbury road, hillclimbs, fiat club waikato, waikato, redline, ketzal sterling, brent shaw

Rememeber that Ketzal Sterling fella from the New Zealand-produced High Octane videos back in the early 2000s? Well, he's back with a new series called Redline, and he made an appearance at the Sainsbury Road Hillclimb that Jarred Wilson and I covered recently...

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Video > Pro7 Mazda RX-7 at Sainsbury Road Hillclimb

Tags: videos, hillclimbs, fiat club waikato, brent shaw

Here's a short in-car video from my first hillclimb event a couple of months ago. It was an unusual feeling trying to go as fast as possible on a road that I had never driven on before, with just a single slow practice run in the morning, followed by 3 timed runs...

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Event > Fiat Club Waikato Tarmac Series - Sainsbury Road Hillclimb

Tags: events, fiat club waikato, sainsbury road, hillclimbs, brent shaw

The third round of the 2013 Fiat Club Waikato Tarmac Series was held on Sunday the 12th of August, and featured a short and exciting hillclimb event on Sainsbury Road in Pirongia. Much like the motorkhana of round 1, and round 2's autocross at Hampton Downs a few weeks ago, the weather forecast predicted rain, and lots of it. This was my first ever hillclimb, and I was a bit nervous about racing on a wet and slippery road...

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Event > South Auckland Car Club Hillclimb at Maramarua

Tags: events, rallying, hillclimbs, south auckland car club, maramarua forest, steve russell, brent shaw

Back in September when I was marshalling for the Hamilton Car Club's MTA/Trelawney Stud Rally of Maramarua, I met a Whangaparaoa-based photographer by the name of Steve Russell. Steve is a huge fan of clubman and grassroots level motorsport, and when he's not working, he's pointing his lens at any rally, rallysprint or hillclimb event that he can get to...

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Car Spotlight > Pikes Peak International Hill Climb RX-7

Tags: car spotlights, pikes peak international hill climb, hillclimbs, mazda, rx7, rod millen, speedhunters, glenn munro, grant munro, rotorsport, brent shaw

Last week we featured a video of the 1988 Ashley Forest Rally Sprint which included Rod Millen's record breaking 13B turbo 4WD Mazda RX-7. Following on from that, Speedhunters New Zealand Editor Brad Lord has recently had the chance to check out the other 4WD FC Mazda RX-7 that Rod built and raced...

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Event > Hamilton Car Club Head Road Hillclimb

Tags: events, hillclimbs, hamilton car club, brent shaw

The Hamilton Car Club held a hillclimb at Head Road, Maungatautari this past Sunday, so I headed out for a look, and to provide an extra pair of helping hands. While I was there, I managed to take a few shots on and around the start line...

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Video > FD RX-7 Hillclimb Drifting

Tags: rx-7, mazda, hillclimbs, drifting, videos

Check out this video of an FD RX-7 drifting almost the entire course of a hill climb held by the Rotorua Car Club. As if racing up a narrow road with banks, trees and fences isn't scary enough - try doing it sideways!


You can see more of DEFWSH DRIFT on Facebook.

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Video > Ford Escort MK I RS2000

Tags: videos, ford, escort, hillclimbs

Check out this insane Ford Escort MK I RS2000 competing in a hillclimb event in Germany. Turn the sound up and listen to that 16V engine scream!

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