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Video > Redline Episode 1 - Battle of Motorsport

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In our final 'retrospective' blog posts about the new Redline video series - here's episode 1, which presents the Achilles Radial Battle of Motorsport in Ketzal Sterling's typically humorous style. In this episode, the team at Redline have put together 7 different forms of motorsport with some of the nation's top competitors to represent their category in a time attack battle around Pukekohe Park Raceway...

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Video > Smoke and Fire - Drifting with Fanga Dan

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As mentioned a few days ago, Ketzal Sterling is back with a new online series called Redline, which brings us high octane automotive video entertainment from around New Zealand. In this episode, Ketzal goes behind the scenes with D1NZ drifter Fanga Dan at the first round of the 2013/2014 series at Hampton Downs back in November of last year. Fanga Dan went on to become the 2013 series champion, and is aiming to do the same again in his new VE Commodore for the upcoming 2014 D1NZ National Drifting Championship series that begins in October...

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Video > Sainsbury Road Hillclimb

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Rememeber that Ketzal Sterling fella from the New Zealand-produced High Octane videos back in the early 2000s? Well, he's back with a new series called Redline, and he made an appearance at the Sainsbury Road Hillclimb that Jarred Wilson and I covered recently...

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