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Product > 2013 Rallying Calendar

Tags: products, calendars, rallying, rally of maramarua, steve russell, abc northern rallysprint series, flashpoint design & marketing, brent shaw

A few months ago when I was marshalling for the MTA/Trelawney Stud Rally of Maramarua, I met a photographer by the name of Steve Russell, and we discussed our interests and occupations in the brief quiet patches of the rally stages. Steve works for ABC Pipefitters, who are the sponsors of the Northern Rallysprint Series, and when I'm not working on KiwiMotoring, I am the Creative Director of Flashpoint Design & Marketing - specialising in graphic design and print management...

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Car Spotlight > Rhys Millen’s Group B RX-7 on Speedhunters

Tags: car spotlights, rhys millen, mazda, rx7, rallying, silver fern rally, wrc, speedhunters, brad lord, brent shaw

California-based Kiwi-born Rhys Millen is currently racing in the Epay NZ Silver Fern Rally that finishes in Hamilton this weekend. The car that Rhys is competing in is a very special ex-Works Mazda Rally Team Europe (MRT) 1984 RX-7 Group B rally car that was originally built in Belgium...

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Event > South Auckland Car Club Hillclimb at Maramarua

Tags: events, rallying, hillclimbs, south auckland car club, maramarua forest, steve russell, brent shaw

Back in September when I was marshalling for the Hamilton Car Club's MTA/Trelawney Stud Rally of Maramarua, I met a Whangaparaoa-based photographer by the name of Steve Russell. Steve is a huge fan of clubman and grassroots level motorsport, and when he's not working, he's pointing his lens at any rally, rallysprint or hillclimb event that he can get to...

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Video > Audi Quattro S1 Group B Rally Car Tribute

Tags: videos, audi, quattro s1, rallying, group b, brent shaw

The Audi Quattro S1's turbocharged inline 2.1L 5-cylinder engine has got to be one of the best sounding engines in racing history. What makes this 9 minute tribute so great is the lack of commentary and overdubbed music, so you can just watch and listen to what is possibly the greatest car from the Group B rallying era...

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Car Spotlight > 1973 Porsche 911 Rally Car

Tags: car spotlights, porsche, 911, rallying, andrew hugill, brent shaw

I received an email recently from Hamilton-based Andrew Hugill, who is currently restoring this 1973 Porsche 911 from the ground up. As you can see by these photos, it is a very extensive and detailed restoration project...

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Video > Silver Fern Rally Action from the Early 90s

Tags: videos, silver fern rally, rallying, holden, monaro, dave mcmillan, alec doig, trevor crowe, scoda, ford, escort, brent shaw

I love these old VHS videos that people upload to YouTube. The quality of the footage is pretty rough, but I think that adds to the nostalgia of seeing motorsport action from a pre-digital era...

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Upcoming Event > Rally Xtreme Round 4 - Maramarua Rally

Tags: upcoming events, rallying, rally xtreme, rally of maramarua, mta, trelawney stud, hamilton car club, brent shaw

The Rally of Maramarua is back as part of this year's Rally Xtreme Challenge Series, and is being hosted by the Hamilton Car Club on Saturday the 15th of September...

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Photos > Ford Escort Rollover at Daybreaker Rally 2012

Tags: photos, rallying, daybreaker rally, rally xtreme, ford, escort, motordrive photography, craig howser panel & performance, brent shaw

Check out these great photos of a Nissan FJ20 powered Ford Escort getting into a little bit of trouble at Round 3 of the Rally Xtreme challenge series this past weekend...

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Video > X Games Los Angeles 2012: Hot Wheels Double Dare Loop

Tags: videos, x games, tanner foust, greg tracy, certificate in motorsport level 2, rallying, brent shaw

Here's a short and sweet video from the X Games in Los Angeles, where stunt drivers Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy performed a double loop in the Hot Wheels Challenge - the first in X Games history. The X Games feature extreme sports such as Moto X, skateboarding, BMX, and rallying, and you can check out more videos from the official X Games channel on YouTube...

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Video > 1988 Ashley Forest Rally Sprint

Tags: videos, rallying, rod millen, ashley forest rally sprint, mazda, rx7, millenworks, speedhunters, leadfoot festival, brent shaw

I've just read a comment on Speedhunters about one of Rod Millen's 4WD Mazda RX-7s that is currently undergoing a ground-up restoration here in New Zealand. Apon further investigation, I came across this video clip of the 1988 Ashley Forest Rally Sprint that shows Millen racing the 13B peripheral ported engine that produced around 300hp in it's naturally aspirated form. Rod won the 1988 Ashley Forest Rally Sprint, and was the first person to break the 'magic minute' with a time of 59.14 seconds...

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Video > WRC Brother Rally New Zealand - Auckland Domain Highlights 2012

Tags: videos, rallying, wrc, brother rally new zealand, sébastien loeb, ken block, jari-matti latvala, mad mike, oversteer tv, sbpnz, silver bullet productions, brent shaw

Oversteer TV have put together this video which highlights some of the action from the Auckland Domain super special stage event of the 2012 WRC Brother Rally New Zealand. The true essence of rallying generally involves cars racing at high speeds on gravel roads in the middle of nowhere...

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Video > Rally, Like Little Boys in a Man-sized Sport

Tags: videos, rallying, heatway rally, brent shaw

The 2012 epay NZ Silver Fern Rally has just been listed in the Events section of KiwiMotoring, and while looking for more information about this event, I came across this television footage from the 1973 NZ Heatway Rally. This is part 1 of three from a full length documentary, which follows drivers such as Hannu Mikkola and Mike Marsall in their Ford Escort RS1600's, Shekkah Metha in a Datsun 180B, Colin Bond's Holden Torana XUI, and Andrew Cowan in his Mini Clubman GT.

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Video > Shane Wright’s R32 Skyline at the New Zealand Hillclimb Championship

Tags: videos, shane wright, nissan, skyline, rallying, speedhunters, brent shaw

Here's an in-car video of Shane Wright's R32 Skyline at the New Zealand Hillclimb Championship, where he finished 3rd overall in the 2 wheel drive category...

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Video > Onboard Hayden Paddon’s RS1800 BDA at the Rally Otago 2012

Tags: videos, rallying, hayden paddon, ford, escort, rs1800, rally of otago, brent shaw

Here's a great in-car video Hayden Paddon and co-driver John Kennard driving the Stadium Cars Ford Escort BDA RS1800 during SS15 of the 2012 Rally of Otago. With a 90 second lead on day two, Paddon was looking to take a victory in the Stadium Cars / Nichibo International Classic Rally of Otago...

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