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Video > Leadfoot Festival

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The 2013 Leadfoot Festival has just been listed in the Events section of KiwiMotoring, so I thought it would be fitting to feature this short video that I found on YouTube...

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Car Spotlight > Pikes Peak International Hill Climb RX-7

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Last week we featured a video of the 1988 Ashley Forest Rally Sprint which included Rod Millen's record breaking 13B turbo 4WD Mazda RX-7. Following on from that, Speedhunters New Zealand Editor Brad Lord has recently had the chance to check out the other 4WD FC Mazda RX-7 that Rod built and raced...

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Video > 1988 Ashley Forest Rally Sprint

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I've just read a comment on Speedhunters about one of Rod Millen's 4WD Mazda RX-7s that is currently undergoing a ground-up restoration here in New Zealand. Apon further investigation, I came across this video clip of the 1988 Ashley Forest Rally Sprint that shows Millen racing the 13B peripheral ported engine that produced around 300hp in it's naturally aspirated form. Rod won the 1988 Ashley Forest Rally Sprint, and was the first person to break the 'magic minute' with a time of 59.14 seconds...

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