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Event - Beach Hop 2015 Kombi Cruise

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Kayte and I were invited to check out a small gathering of VWs on Friday evening at Beach Hop 15. After taking a few quick snaps, we were also treated to a ride in 'Rusty' - the black VW from Lovedubs - Kombi Hire that was also the wedding car for the Beach Hop wedding couple winners...

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Video > VW’s ‘The People’s Film’

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I don't watch a huge amount of television, but I spotted this cool advertisement from Volkswagen New Zealand and thought it was worth sharing. The footage was supplied by VW fans from all over New Zealand, and features proud owners driving their early Beetles, Kombis and Karmann Ghias, as well as late model vehicles like the Amarok, Tiguan and Golf. I recognised a few cars from various shows and motoring events that I've been to, and I imagine it would have been a real buzz for the owners to spot their pride and joy on nationwide telly. There's even a list of the owners and their cars on the VW website...

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Video > The Woodruff Special VW Beetle

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Is this the lowest VW in the World? Probably - and it's definitely the strangest!...

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Car Spotlight > Das Speedster VW Beetle

Tags: car spotlights, vw, beetle, das speedster, stanceworks, brent shaw

I've just come across this very interesting and highly customised Beetle called 'Das Speedster' on Stanceworks. The fabrication, engine choice and final result compared to what it started out as is quite jaw dropping...

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Event > 2011 VW Nationals Revisited (Part 3)

Tags: brent shaw, vw nationals, vw, kombi, beetle, events

With the 2012 VW Nationals less than 3 weeks away now, we've added one last lot of photos from last years event to our 2011 VW Nationals Facebook photo album. Here's a small selection of photos from the album:

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Event > 2011 VW Nationals Revisited (Part 2)

Tags: brent shaw, events, vw, beetle, kombi, vw nationals

In anticipation of the 2012 VW Nationals, we've added some more pics from last years event to our Facebook photo album.

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Event > 2011 VW Nationals Revisited (Part 1)

Tags: brent shaw, events, vw, beetle, vw nationals

The 2012 VW Nationals are only 4 weeks away, and we're hoping to make the trip down to Dunedin this year to attend the 4 day event over Easter. Check out Facebook photo album from the 2011 VW Nationals, held in Orewa last year to see what to expect.

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Event > SO 2012

Tags: rikki bloemsaat, vask, so 2012, vw, audi, events

With the great success of last years Stance-Off event, the guys from VASK (VW Audi SportKlub of NZ) put together yet another flawless day on the 26th of February, dubbed ‘SO 2012′. The decision this year to include a ‘Best Of The Rest’ award to a vehicle not otherwise affiliated with the VASK group saw a whole fleet of unique rides make an appearance.

Although it was the biggest yet, it was hard to estimate the number of people who attended as a lot came and went throughout the day. All I can say is both the quality and quantity of slammed-out work’s of art at SO 2012 was a great...

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Event > Kumeu Classic Car and Hot Rod Festival 2012

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The 18th National Classic Car and Hot Rod Festival ran on the weekend of the 21st and 22nd of January 2012, and this was the first time that I had been to this event. We left Hamilton bright and early on Saturday morning, and arrived at the show at around 8.30am. We were greeted with fine weather, and the largest collection of classic cars and hot rods that I have ever seen in one place.



While most cars were obviously American, like this beautiful 1956 Chevrolet Belair...



...some were a mix of British and American, like this 1963 Ford Cortina, powered by a...

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