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Formula Vee Association of New Zealand (FVANZ)

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Where Feilding, New Zealand
Manawatu / Wanganui
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Categories Circuit Racing
Phone 06 323 5237
Description Formula First is an entry level single seater racing class where the emphasis is on driver skill and race-craft rather than horsepower or budget.

Formula First is a relatively low-cost formula and provides the best place to start a car racing career.

Many of New Zealand’s most successful drivers made their racing start in Formula First. Drivers who have progressed through New Zealand Formula First include;
Scott Dixon - Indy Racing League Driver
Chris Pither - Aussie V8 Development Series Driver
Brendon Hartley - Red Bull Development Driver
Simon Gamble - NZ Grand Prix Winner
Christina Orr - Formula Toyota
Shane van Gisbergen - current New Zealand Formula Ford Champion

Is the Racing Close?
Formula First racing is one of the closest forms of motorsport you'll ever see. Since the cars are all powered with the same 1200cc engines, races often come down to tactics and positioning, rather than outright car speed. It is a common to have the first three or four cars finishing within .3 or .4 of a second of oneanother. A recent finish at Pukekohe saw the first four cars finish within 6 hundredths of a second of oneanother. Yes, that’s the top four separated by only 0.06 seconds!

How Much Does it Cost?
A competitive car costs around $20,000. Running costs are however a lot cheaper than many other forms of motor racing. This includes top-level karting. If the cost of purchase stretches your budget, there are always cars available for lease. Leasing costs range from $800 - $1800 per meeting depending on individual deals available. Leasing is a great option if you plan to move on to bigger things after one year in Formula First. Interested in leasing? - See our website for who to contact.

How Fast Are the Cars?
Formula First cars are capable of speeds aproaching the 200 Kph mark. However, on circuits such as Manfeild or Taupo, the maximum speed attained would be anywhere between 160 and 180 Kph. The cars are great fun to drive at those speeds. To give you an idea of comparative speeds, the top speed a Formula Ford reaches at Pukekohe is around 220-230 Kph. Formula First's will do close to 200 at the same track.

How Do I Get Started?
Before getting started, it pays to talk to us regarding your needs. We always welcome visitors down in the pits - at any time. We are more than happy to provide impartial advice.

Information packs will soon be available for free from Vee Torque (Club Magazine) editor, Cliff Field. Contact details for Cliff are provided on the Club Contacts page of our website.
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