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New Zealand Post Classic Motorcycle Racing Association

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Where Auckland, New Zealand
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Categories Motorbikes
Phone 021 758 798 (Kevin Grey, President)
Description A diverse range of machines, from red hot street bikes to Factory GP machines, are now finding their way back to the track - a sure fire recipe for great racing and enjoyable entertainment.

The NZ Post Classic Racing Association Inc has been set up to foster the preservation, restoration and use of motorcycles built or manufactured between 1 January 1963 and 31 December 1989.

Since the foundation of the NZPCRA, the increase in both membership of the club and interest in it's activities has spread beyond the wildest dreams of the founders.

The term "Post Classic Racing" is generally accepted as defining racing under the rules and or auspices of the NZ Post Classic Racing Association. These rules cater for motorcycles manufactured in the period 1963 to 1989.

Under NZPCRA terminology, three seperate periods have been created, so as not to disadvantage machinery of early manufacture:

Pre '72: Motorcycles manufactured between January 1st 1963 and October 30th 1972.

Pre'82: Motorcycles manufactured between November 1st 1972 and Decenber 31st 1982.

Pre '89: Motorcycles manufactured between January 1st 1983 and December 31st 1989.

With machines from all countries eligible for racing in these classes.

Don't just dream it - do it

Get Involved in POST CLASSIC RACING for the time of your life!
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