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NZ Six

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Where North Island, New Zealand
Wellington Region
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Categories Australian, Circuit Racing
Phone 021 684 849 (Paul Wilkinson, President)
Description FUN! FUN! FUN! That is the best way to describe NZ Six racing.

NZ Six has two race categories: the Holden HQs and the Super Six. Racing a Holden HQ is described as “trying to steer a shopping cart with a bung wheel”! In addition to having a lot of fun racing one, if you are competitive in an HQ Holden you are well on your way to racing anything!

The Super Six is the classic Ford Falcon vs Holden Commodore battle, with newer cars that are lighter in weight than the HQ Holdens and more responsive to steering at speed.

Motor racing is generally considered as an expensive sport, but NZ Six racing is your chance to experience the exhilaration of speed on international race tracks at affordable cost.

Our philosophy is simple: Drivers with the greatest skill should win. Not the driver who has spent the most money on their car. NZ six ensures fair racing by having a strict set of car specifications for each class.

Please see the NZ Six website for more information on the series, and to get involved.
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