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Star Touring Cars Race Drivers Club

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Where Taupo, New Zealand
Bay of Plenty
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Categories Australian, Circuit Racing
Phone 0274 437 794 (Norm Mcleod, Club President)

Series racing is organised by the race drivers' association, in conjunction with the Sports Cars.

Star Cars have been racing as a group since 2005, and have a lot in common with their cousins, Aussie Racing Cars and US Legends cars.

This formula of racing a car with a motorbike engine is extremely popular, the cars are light weight and having equal machinery has been a hit with fans in several countries.

The class has a good mix of older experienced racers, 'young guns' who see Star Cars as a stepping stone from Karts to full V8s, and newcomers to the sport who are looking to maximise their adrenaline fix on a sensible budget. Drivers come from all over the North Island, with the occasional Southern visitor too. The emphasis is on close, competitive racing but camaraderie too.

Star touring cars are assembled in a superb package (with over thirty cars built) that gives a amazing performance while being controlled in a one design class where all cars are mechanically identical. All you have to do is decide which body style you want Ford or Holden.

All suspension items have been designed especially for Star Touring Cars with adjustability being paramount so that the car set-ups can be changed for each track and to suit each drivers style.

When strapped into the seat with the five point race harness belts holds the driver firmly and comfortably in place to attack the incredible cornering G-forces. The 5 speed sequential gear box and the incredible braking performance of their cars make for exciting racing with lap times on sum tracks as low as there big counterparts.

For spectators, the identical mechanical design and small size means close dicing and overtaking with exciting 4-wide racing action.

The famous Holden vs Ford rivalry is at work amongst the field. For the drivers, a high-revving race-bred motorcycle engine gives brutal acceleration, while full size Willwood brakes means unbelievable stopping power. The cars are often painted to match their bigger twins, bringing a bit more interest to the race circuit, along with the ability to secure sponsorship. Our drivers are always on the look out for new sponsors, so if you know of anyone, business or corporate who would like to sponsor our series, or their favorite driver, please get in touch with us.
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