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Craig Howser Panel & Performance

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Categories Car Restorations, Panel Beaters, Race Car Fabrication
027 496 0419
Location Hamilton Map + Directions
Description We have constructed many cars at all levels of competition, we even race a car ourselves, and we put the same skill, experience and safety into EVERY car we prepare.

We offer services to prepare you car including:
- Roll cage design and construction
- Racing seats
- Driver equipment
- Brake enhancement
- Fuel cells
- Body modifications
- Artwork and sponsors logo provision

With years of experience in car preparations we understand the need for safety is of paramount importance. You do not learn things overnight, and you don't get a second chance to install the right safety gear.

Race Car Preparation
At Craig Howser Panel and Performance are proud to say that although a few drivers have tested our work by driving into various immovable objects, our roll cages are 100% successful..

We recommend customers come to us in the early stages of their preparation; we can offer advice and tips that you may not have considered.

Also, if you do not stay on the track all the way round, we offer a full repair service to get you back on the road (sorry track) ready for the next event.

For more information about our race car preparation service please call or email today.
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