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Categories Advertising and Promotion
027 493 6620
Location 3744 State Highway 1, Huntly 3771 Map + Directions
Description Spudsport is offering something new to the racing community – in-car live streaming footage, displayed all over the world as you race! Spudsport has compiled a system, allowing you to stream footage from in your car to your website, Youtube, Ustream, Livestream, and many other sites. Using small, simple devices to stream at an affordable price, you don’t need any air support, just as long as you have cell phone reception, you can stream to your fans all over the world. Each set-up can be customised to your needs, and is normally just a simple configuration to get it started. Contact Allan (Spud) Murphy now for more information.

Spudsport is also offering GPS units, available for tracking your fleet, allowing job dispatch, GPS tracking, Fuel Management, in vehicle DVR, and much more! Contact Allan (Spud) Murphy for more info.
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