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1/2 Inch Drive 40-210NM Torque Wrench with Tray


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Brand Teng Tools
Categories Automotive Tools
Tags Tools, Torque Wrench, Teng Tools, Wrenches
Price $129.20
Description Brand new 1/2 inch drive 40-210NM torque wrench, supplied in Teng Tools TTX tray for use in tool boxes.

Product number: TTX1292


- 1/2” Drive
- 40-210 Nm (30-160 ft/lb)
- Length: 465mm
- Accuracy: ±4%

Torque wrench according to ISO 6789. With ratchet the torque
wrench can be used for both tightening, and final checking of torque. Reversible with lever, but only for right-hand action for torque checking. Lockable setting.

This item is in stock and ready to ship, or pick up from our premises in Te Rapa, Hamilton.

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