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63 Piece Cantilever Tool Chest Set


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Brand TopTul
Categories Automotive Tools
Tags Toptul, Tools, Tool Storage
Price $435.00
Description TopTul 63 piece cantilever tool chest set (470x220x350mm).

4 x Pliers (Box Joint, Long Nose, Diagonal & Combination)
9 PC Long Type Hex Key Wrenches 1.5 - 10mm
1 x 1/2" Drive Swivel Handle
14 x Combination Wrenches 8-32mm
5 PC Chisel Punch Set
3 x Slotted Anti-Slip Screwdrivers 4x100, 6.5x100, 8x175mm
3 x Phillips Anti-Slip Screwdrivers PH1x80, PH2x100, PH3x150
1/2" Drive Socket Set comprising
18 x 1/2" Dr Sockets 10-32mm
4 x Accessories (Handle, Universal Joint, 2 Extension Bars)
2 Hammers (Engineers & Dead Blow)
1 x TBAC0501 Tool Chest

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