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Limit 300 Multimeter (CAT II 300V)


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Brand Limit
Categories Automotive Tools
Tags Tools, Measuring Equipment, Measuring Tools, Multimeters, Limit
Price $62.20
Description Brand new Limit 300 palm sized digital multimeter (CAT II 300V) with display backlight. Measuring DC/AC voltage, DC current, resistance, temperature. Also diode test, continuity test with buzzer, data hold, low battery capacity warning. Supplied complete with test leads, temperature probe for max. 260°C, battery and manual. Rubber cover and bench stand.

Product number: 12860-0103

Technical Specifications:
DC voltage: 200-2000 mV- 20-200-500 V
DC voltage Resolution: 100 µV
DC voltage Accuracy : ± 1.2% + 2
AC voltage: 200-500 V
AC voltage Resolution: 100 µV
AC voltage Accuracy: ± 1.2% + 10 µV
DC current: 2000 µA-20-200mA-10A
DC current Resolution: 0.1 µV
DC current Accuracy : ± 1% + 2 µV
Resistance: 200 O -2-20-200 KO-20 MO
Resistance Resolution: 0.1 O
Resistance Accuracy: ± 0.8% + 2
Temperature: -40 -+1000°C
Temperature Resolution: 1°C
Temperature Accuracy: ± 1% + 3 °C
Battery: 1 pc 9 V (6F22)
Dimension: 130 x 74 x 35mm
Weight: 156gm

Max. display: 1999
Safety insulation: CAT I 600V / CAT II 300V, IEC 61010
Fused to max. 200 mA.

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