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Limit 610 Multimeter (CAT IV 600V)


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Brand Limit
Categories Automotive Tools
Tags Tools, Measuring Equipment, Measuring Tools, Multimeters, Limit
Price $309.10
Description Brand new Limit 610 digital multimeter (CAT IV 600V) with both automatic and manual measurement range setting. Analogue bar diagram for quick or instable signals. True RMS for both voltage and amperage when measuring non linear signals. Registering of max. and min. value. Measures direct/alternating voltage, direct/alternating current, resistance, capacitance, frequency. In addition, diode test, continuity test with buzzer, hold function, display lighting and low battery capacity warning. Can be connected to a PC.

Supplied complete with test cables, PC cable with software, batteries and User Guide.

Product number: 15322-0108

Technical Specifications:
Direct voltage: 60-600 mV-6-60-600-1000 V
Direct voltage Max resolution: 0.10 mV
Direct voltage Inaccuracy: ±1% +3 digits
Alternating voltage: 60-600 mV-6-60-600-750 V
Alternating voltage Max resolution: 0.01 mV
Alternating voltage Inaccuracy: ±1.2% 5 digits
Direct current: 600-6000 µA-60-600 mA-6-10A
Direct current Max resolution: 0.1 µA
Direct current Inaccuracy: ±1 % + 3 digits
Alternating current: 600-6000 µA-60-600 mA-6-10A
Alternating current Max resolution: 0.1 µA
Alternating current Inaccuracy: ±1.2% +5 digits
Resistance: 600 O-6-60-600 KO-6-60 MO
Resistance Max resolution: 0.1 O
Resistance Inaccuracy: ± 1.2% + 2 digits
Capacitance: 40-400 nF-4-40-400-4000 µF
Capacitance Max resolution: 0.01 nF
Capacitance Inaccuracy: ±3% + 5 digits
Frequency: 10 Hz -10 MHz
Frequency Max resolution: 0.001 Hz
Frequency Inaccuracy: ± 0.1% + 4 digits
Working temperature: 0-40 °C
Storage temperature: -10 - 50 °C
Battery: 1 x 9 V6F22
Dimensions: 177 x 85 x 40mm
Weight: 300g

Scale length: 6000
Insulation: CAT III 1000 V/ CAT IV 600 V according to IEC 61010.
Fuse protected to 10 A.

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