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Speedway Numbers Sticker Set (for stockcars)


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Brand Vinyl Impact
Categories Stickers and Decals
Tags Vinyl Impact, Stickers, Decals, Race Car Graphics, Speedway
Price $149.00
Description Choose your race number, track letter code, text colour, outline colour and font style to create your own custom 'speedway numbers' adhesive vinyl stickers.

This set of 5 stickers includes:
- 2x large numbers measuring 380mm high, with a 20mm thick border
- 3x small numbers measuring 190mm high, with a 20mm thick border

We'll send you a proof via email before we make them and confirm the overall size, so we can guarantee that your custom stickers are exactly what you're after!

Easy to apply, waterproof and durable. Can be applied to any smooth, clean surface, including, metal, glass, fibreglass and wood. Won't damage paint, and can be removed if and when required.

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Race number and track letter code
Text colour
Outline colour
Font style

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