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Whangarei Speedway

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Where Port Road, Whangarei
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Categories Speedway Tracks
Description Whangarei Speedway is one of the best-kept secrets in Whangarei, and the number one motor sport attraction in town every summer.

Whangarei Speedway has started off with a bang, our opening meet had a good car count with some great racing across the board in all grades. The C Grade has had a resurgence with the Bush Boys coming on board with a 5 car team and talk of a couple more to come out. Production numbers will almost make double digits and we are only a couple of cars off cracking that. It's good to see some of the x quad riders coming back to bolster the ranks, and a good field of quads is worth its weight in gold to watch. The mighty 6 shooters came and ran at our chocolate fish meeting and did not disappoint, and guess what? They're coming back on the 13th of December to run with the mods.
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